Hastings Castle Ruins


At our meeting on 27 February, which was gratifyingly well attended, Chris Horlock returned to entertain us with one of his well researched and informative talks on ‘Ruins, Remains and Relics’ of Sussex.

His presentation centred on ancient Sussex castles including Hastings, Lewes, Bramber and little-known Chichester Castle, all of which evolved as important ports in times gone by.

Ruins of Lewes Castle
Ruins of Lewes Castle

Chris illustrated how the rivers which ran for several miles inland in places around these ports have shrunk with the passage of time but by the end of this century a lot of Sussex coastline will be submerged by the rising oceans owing to climate change.

Chris included many anecdotal stories about relics of the time of which perhaps members had not been aware previously. No doubt members will be seeking out these relics on their various forays into Sussex.

Chris has also written two books on Sussex which are well worth a read.

Lewes Castle
Lewes Castle

Featured Image of Hastings Castle – Yale Center for British Art, CC0 (Creative Commons), via Wikimedia Commons. Photograph of Lewes Castle – Charlesdrakew, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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