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On Tuesday 28th November, we were pleased to welcome Ben Cross to our meeting. Ben is a fourth generation owner of Crosslands Flower Nursery in Walberton, West Sussex that specialises in growing Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily).

At the end of the First World War, an organisation called the Land Settlement Association was set up to encourage the development of nurseries and smallholdings to boost the supply of food to the country.

Ben’s grandfather started the original business by growing food. With the advent of supermarkets, the business progressed to flower growing. Crosslands Flower Nursery is now one of the few independent flower sellers in the country.

Alstroemeria Flowers
Alstroemeria Flowers

Interestingly, Alstroemeria have a root formation and can regrow year after year. The flowers are pulled, not cut, so are very fresh when sold. They obviously like the Sussex soil as photographs of Ben’s vast greenhouses showed us just how prolific they are!

Ben Cross from Crosslands Flower Nursery
Ben Cross from Crosslands Flower Nursery

During the talk, Ben showed us a very interesting film about the daily care of these very colourful plants. The film also highlighted the hard work he and his staff have to do to maintain the eco-friendly ethos of the company and its very low carbon footprint. Even the flower sleeves are recyclable.

Crosslands Flower Nursery sends boxed flowers out all over the country, delivered to the door. After the fascinating talk, we were able to buy bunches of flowers at a very reasonable cost and there were no shortage of takers! Thank you Ben for a most interesting morning.


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